Pictures 2011 - 2012

Autumn term at IMC with our fellow BMS World Mission Trainees.

On completion of training at IMC, April 2011.

BMS Class of 2011 being Valedicted at the Baptist Assembly in Blackpool.

Our Commissioning Service at St Andrew's St Baptist Church Cambridge,
with our Minister Rev Dave Morris and our new boss, Rev Andrew North

With the BMS Uganda team (L-R:) Shrubsoles, Vickers, Benns & Howells.  The rest of the team are based in Kampala, but work around the country and will visit us here!

 Our new church, Kasese Central Baptist Church.

Bethan singing two African songs on our first Sunday, Pastor Alphonse is in the background.

Samuel tries to get involved as Alpha Ministries provides Maize porridge to the children at their school in Acholi Quarter - the only food many of them will get between getting up in the morning and their parents returning from their fields after dark.

A classroom in the same school in Acholi Quarter.

Digging out a young Papaya tree from our garden.

Sam offers encouragement as I help Isaiah uproot a baby banana plant from our garden.

Transporting a young papaya tree on a Landcruiser - and Isaiah with some fresh papayas.

Planting the first banana plant in Alpha Ministry's Nursery & Primary School in Acholi Quarter.

Goat-proofing the mango sapling in a reed and thorn-branch tippee.

Everyone gets involved making the reed fence.

After tying hundreds of knots the fence starts to take shape.

Overview of the new fruit garden from the top of the brick-pile.

(L-R) Justice, Me, Isaiah and Yobu (Job) in front of the new garden gate after a hard day's work.

Posters in English and Lukhongo promoting the health benefits of eating fruit.

Cutting our "Welcome" Cake at Kasese Central Baptist Church.

The community consultation/baseline survey in Acholi Quarter.

Asking and translating questions, counting the respondents and recording all the answers is a three-person job!

Our kids in the kitchen on their first day together! 
(Don't worry Muchomo is now permanently confined to the enclosure I built in the garden, along with the hens).

Sam making new friends playing in the earth (sand-pit?) at Kibuara Bible College.

Lively (and lengthy) worship as a new Pastor was inaugurated at Customs Baptist Church on the Uganda/DR Congo border.

Young people from across Kasese District at a youth retreat at Kibuara Bible College playing the "post-it" game, guessing which body-part they are as we explored the roles of youth in the church using 1 Cor 12.12-26 and then Rev 21.

Our fist Ugandan wedding at an Anglican church right on the Uganda/DR Congo border.

Our wedding convoy causing a road-block! 

Bethan and Sam with Pastor Alfonse and his wife Alice in the wedding marquee.

Weaver birds in the campsite at Queen Elizabeth National Park (QENP)

Elephants behind the campsite QENP.

Gareth and Sam viewing the elephants behind the campsite from the roof of our car.

Our first sighting of Ugandan lions!

An elephant heading to the Kazinga Channel to drink.

Bethan helping some of the women from our church open a Co-operative Savings and Credit account - the first step to starting their own business.

Gareth helping build the foundations of the Skills Training Centre in October.

Bethan plastering (ie throwing cement at) the wall of the Daycare in October.

Bethan (and Sam), our artist friend Louise, and Isaiah completing the mural in the Daycare in November.

BMS Colleagues Deb & Dug Benn training the Daycare Staff.

Buying over 300 yards of material for the tailors to use in the skills centre.

Carpentry training began outside under a tree on 28 Nov 11, and will remain outside until the skills training centre building is completed.

Tailoring training  Mon 28 Nov.  Lesson 1 - using a tape-measure.  Training started in one of Alpha School's clasrooms as the children had already broken up for Christmas.

Tailoring trainees using a manual Singer sewing machine - which was supplied by Tools With A Mission (TWAM)

The carpentry students making a bed - which they have now already sold!

Children in Daycare eating posho (maize) and beans for lunch.

Business Training on Friday mornings: - On receiving income should you Consume, Store or Invest?

Tailoring trainees and Daycare staff playing netball on the final afternoon of term.

Enjoying fellowship and good Ugandan food with our church on Christmas eve.

Sam excitedly opening a present on Christmas Day!

African Fish-Eagle with a catfish in its claws on the Kazinga Channel QENP viewed from a boat-trip on Gareth's Birthday.

Baking bricks to finish the Skills Centre building (Jan 2012).

Making guttering from corrugated roofing.

Fixing the guttering on the Skills Centre on a dubious local ladder! (Jan 2012)

Buying eucalyptus trees with which to build a work-shelter (they re-grow so this is sustainable forestry).

The carpenters using the eucalyptus poles to build a work-shelter (Jan 2012).

Our tailor and his trainees modelling the clothes they've made during our visit from the BUU General Secretary (Feb 2012).

The General Secretary of the Baptist Union of Uganda visiting the Daycare.

The carpentry students roofing the shelter for their working area (Feb 2012).

Nelson's family at their farm outside Kajwenge village (March 2012).

"Mummy says this is a chocolate tree.  I want some!"  Sam discovering cocoa plants at Nelson's farm.

Playing with coffee beans at Nelson's farm.

The youth at Nyabagando Secondary School warming up for Bethan's three sessions on spiritual gifts.  The golden moment is when the keyboard finally finds the same key as the singers!

Bethan teaches keyboard lessons every Wednesday at church.

The children at day-care (plus Sam) singing together.

Our Minister, Rev Dave Morris, preaching at KCBC with the cross and banner made by St Andrew's St Baptist Church Cambridge. 
Pastor Alfonse translated.  April 2012.

Members of both churches working together to fence the fruit plots at KCBC.

Starting to dig the foundations for the row of small shops at KCBC - Tues evening.

The foundation trenches completed by Weds lunchtime - and filled with our sweat!

Sam enjoying the Sports Day at Alpha School, Acholi Quarter.

Pupils and staff enjoying a balloon race at Sports Day.

The team with Alfonse and Alice after cooking them an African feast.
(L-R: Andrew, Helen, Judy, Alice & Alfonse, Dave, Chris, Lynette).

Sunrise over QENP, April 2012.

One of five groups of elephant viewed from the "Queen's Pavillion" off the the Kasese-Mbarara main road with the church visit team, April 2012.

Thembo William, proudly displaying two stools he made in carpentry training. May 2012.

Daycare Staff with their certificate after a "Good" inspection by BMS colleague, Deb Benn.  May 2012.

Pastor Alex and Gareth built a rainwater tank at the Skills Centre to replace the plastic one which was stolen. May 2012.

Tired travellers:  Sam, almost 2 yrs old, and Bethan, 35 weeks pregnant, flying back to UK after our first year in Uganda!

Jonah Benjamin Shrubsole, born at 11pm on 17 July 2012 at 7 lb and 10 oz.

Bethan and baby Jonah 2 hours after he was born.